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Collateralisation Ratio

  1. The lending protocol you’re using requires a collateralisation…

Why is Yield Farming a thing?

The simple definition

  • Staked in simple yield protocols that allow depositors to receive an equal representation of their deposited tokens.
  • Staked in lending protocols where the deposited assets are collateral for the loans.
  • In the liquidity pools…

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Brand Equity

Protocol vs Application Value Capture

How value is captured for the Internet

How value is captured for the Blockchain

  • Inheriting the security properties of Layer 1.
  • Providing greater throughput.
  • Lower opereating cost.
  • Faster transaction confirmations.

Why do we need Layer 2?

  • Currently transactions are expensive and severely impacting the retail adoption of Ethereum and dApps running on the network. Many investors feel priced out from the network.
Gas fees and confirmation times ballooned at the height of the yield farming craze. Credit:
  • Some use-cases…

  • Phase 0 — Deployment and Staking on the Beacon Chain.
  • Phase 1 — Merge between Beacon Chain and the Mainnet.
  • Phase 2 — Sharding Framework.
  • Sharding — Ethereum will be broken into 64 “Shards” that operate at the same time. This will drastically improve efficiency.
  • Staking…

What are Range Orders


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